Protesters rally in Glasgow for Northern Irish war veterans


HUNDREDS of protesters have gathered in Glasgow in protest over the treatment of war veterans who fought in the Irish troubles.


The rally, which took place in George Square and was organised by the Justice for Northern Ireland Veterans (JFNIV), happened this morning amid claims veterans are suffering from a witch hunt from the authorities in Northern Ireland.


According to a protest organiser, Kenny Corcoran, the government has signed a peace treaty releasing 176 prisoners from jail as part of the Good Friday Peace agreement which the war veterans were not included in.


As such, veterans are being prosecuted for historic crimes whilst convicted war terrorists walk free.


Mr Corcoran said: “We are here to protest against the government and the way they are treating the veterans who served out in Northern Ireland. They are now bringing up false allegations of the army murdering people and it’s just totally untrue. We done (sic) our job the way we were trained. We looked after the communities that were tearing each other apart.”


Protesters marched through Glasgow waving banners accompanied by a traditional pipe band as spectators looked on.


Mr Corcoran added: “This is the second load of protests. We have a parade in London, there is a parade in Belfast. We are trying to raise awareness and hope that the government will extend the Good Friday agreement to us.”


The Good Friday agreement is the name given to the peace deal that brought the end to the Irish troubles, which began in 1968 and lasted thirty years. There were over 3,600 fatalities and thousands more casualties.



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