Glaswegians will be sad to hear the traditional Christmas ice rink at George Square will not feature in the city this year.


The decision was made by Glasgow life after finalising a plan which retains the most popular elements of the festive celebrations whilst bringing brand new Christmas opportunities appealing to a broader audience.


A Glasgow Loves Christmas spokesman said: “Brand new Christmas lights were switched on during a ceremony on the 20th of November and we received requests for more than 270,000 tickets for that event.


However, Glasgow Life feels although this is good news for Glasgow’s punters, there is still room to look at what’s on offer at Glasgow Loves Christmas for future years.


The spokesman added: “The Style Mile Carnival attracted around 25, 000 spectators and the Santa Dash welcomed 7,500 runners for the first time in its history.”


But mother-of-two, Karen Reid, did not take the news well.


She said: “I was actually disappointed to hear that the ice rink was not coming to George Square this year, it is something I kept talking about with my kids, offering to take them there this. But I guess it is all for a good cause, after all, we must not forget about the Christmas spirit.”


With the Christmas market already featuring in St Enoch’s square, it will bring the German bratwurst, sweet treats and an array of gifts and decorations.


Glaswegians will explore continental flavours, traditional to traders’ origin countries such as France, Germany, and Spain.

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