Men want cash for Christmas this year

More than half of men would prefer to receive cash this Christmas over a gift, according to a new survey.


Standard Life found 45% of woman are more likely to favour receiving presents while 56% of men wish to not unwrap a traditional Christmas gift.


However, the research found differences amongst age groups as 61% of over- 55s still felt they still like the element of surprise by wishing to receive a present.


Jamie Jenkins, a personal finance expert at Standard Life, said: “While some people might see gifting money as a lacking thought it’s actually what lots of us really want.”


Punters living in London and Wales would particularly be pleased to receive cash, the survey found, while Scots were the most likely to prefer a gift.


Across the survey, people felt it was acceptable to receive money from parents but less acceptable from friends or partners.


Laura Hamilton (27), from Glasgow, said: “I would be livid if my partner gave me money for Christmas it just shows that not a lot of thought has gone into it. So, technically if you give someone a gift you’ve put the effort to consider what your boy or girlfriend likes.”


Here are the percentages of people surveyed across the UK who would prefer cash over a gift for this Christmas, according to the survey:


  • London – 65%
  • Wales – 55%
  • East Midlands – 53%
  • South East – 52%
  • North West – 51%
  • Yorkshire and the Humber – 48%
  • East Anglia – 47%
  • Northern Ireland – 45%
  • West Midlands – 44%
  • South West – 42%
  • Scotland – 41%

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