Christmas market returns to Glasgow

This year’s festivities kicked off with the Christmas market marking its return to Glasgow’s city centre.


Since spectators gathered along the green to celebrate bonfire night, the cities punters lined up for the grand opening to feast on continental food and local goodies such as a warming glass of festive cheer.


The much-anticipated market is home to many continental traders across the globe, bringing a selection of flavours, traditional to their origin countries including France, Germany, Spain and many more.


Spectators were clearly impressed with the servings of tasty delights and festive gifts.



With the Christmas market bringing a selection of flavours such as the rocky road at the bottom of the cake stall baked in a chocolate muffin and stuck with marshmallows on top, the question of are Christmas markets really expensive still applies.


Full info graphic


By comparing the prices for a fried-dough pastry- predominantly choux- based snack which is popular in countries such as Spain, Portugal, France and many more. Mexican street food bar and restaurant, Topolabamba based on St Vincent Street, revealed a 5p difference compared to the churros market stall.


For Glasgow, Christmas is not Christmas without a visit to its leafy and bustling place at the heart of the city, George square, which the Christmas market will host another market offering live entertainment and fairground rides starting on 26 November.









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