Glasgow’s Food For The Soul


Glasgow Soup is the most recent incarnation of Detroit Soup, a social enterprising initiative in which audience members pay a fee to watch community projects pitch their ideas.

The audience then vote for the project they like best and the winner gets the total money raised from the night, in Glasgow Soups case that is £500 from the 100 audience members.

The audience also get a serving of soup and sandwiches at the interval as they discuss and deliberate over the pitches.

At this, the first ever Glasgow Soup, the pitches were; Kelvin College’s Recovery Cafe which helps those recovering from addiction in the East End of Glasgow, Re-tune which is a personal development programme for Service veterans, Indepen-dance who are an inclusive dance school for both people with and without disabilities, and finally the Peek Project which is a theater programme for young people in Glasgow.

Glasgow is not the only Scottish city to take up the idea of crowd funding with soup, Inverness, Stirling, and more have also adopted the model.

Fiona Doherty, founder of Inverness Soup, said: “I thought it was a great idea. The way they sold it, the Detroit Soup, the people involved, and hearing their stories about it made me think it was such a good idea.”

hungry homeless kids

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